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Fair Trade Bulawayo Garlic Gourds


Fair Trade Bulawayo Garlic Gourds are a popular choice for home decorators as each basket is totally unique and considered artwork, these baskets compliment and enhance a room.

Garlic Gourd Baskets are hand woven by a community  of Ndebele women weavers in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

The Ndebele women of have passed down the knowledge of weaving from generation to generation and use it as a main source of income usually as the main bread winner, which empowers women and allows them to earn a sustainable livelihood & support their family.

The baskets are all made by hand and are unique and one of a kind, and no two baskets are alike.

The baskets are sold individually and not sold as a set as seen in the image. Each is unique and one of a kind and the shape can vary. 

Material: Ilala Palm

Size: Small 30cm | Medium 40cm | Large 50cm | XLarge 60cm | XXLarge 70cm | XXXLarge 80cm

Please note these baskets are measured  from the rim around the basket to the middle of the base.

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